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We cooperated with Quanzhou Institute of equipment manufacturing Haixi Insitutes,Chinese Academy of Sciences,insisted on the pricinple of “Take the initiative,self-regardness” all along,play actively on technical advantages of forklifts design and manufacture for some years, through the introduction, transformation, independent innovation to accelerate product development and the pace of upgrading, to provide a strong technical support for exploring the domestic market. Leading by the senior forklift engineers,produced combined with customer’s feedback, sucessfully developed the heavy container forklifts,mining forklifts,stone forklifts and so on.

Quality guarantee
1. We bring together the industry elites, our R & D team used 20 years’ technology accumulation, leading the trend of technological innovation, own 15 utility model patents,”box frame” etc.
2.Our HNF heavy duty forklift truck,HNT telehandler,HNE wheel excavator are all got though national type testing;In three years,our internal combustion counterbalance forklift is included in the "science and technology research and development program project" by government;In 2015,won the title of "high-tech enterprise".
3. We has CNC cutting machine, CNC machine tools, welding positioner, assembly lines, and testing ground etc. large-scale key equipment, we are main to improve the equipment capability and improve the detection mechanisms , ensure the product quality, assure the capabilities.
4.We built the win-win cooperation relationship with Dong Feng cummins,Weichai,Yuchai,Xinchai,Hangchi,Changchi,Fenyi axle,Casecade forks,Haihong hydraulic,Changyuan hydraulic,Jinhu oil cylinder,Hengjiu chain,Zowin tyres etx.. continue to provide high quality products.

Professional Certificate
1. We are according to the eight principles of GB / T19001 quality policy and quality management requirements, and improve product quality, get through the Quality Management Certification from CQC in 2011.
2. We are according to the requirements of GB / T 14001 environmental management system ,improve environmental quality, get through the Environmental Management Certification from CQC in 2011.
3. We got the Manufacture License of Special Equipment from AQSIQ for our HNF heavy duty forklift truck.
4. We cooperated with EU CE center,complied with a series of provisions of EU safety, health, environmental and consumer protection, our products will be sold in the European market.