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Crane Forklift Product Features: 

HNFC120-450 crane forklift is a kind of compound innovation products which is developed by SOCMA. The rated load is 12 ton, Max. lifting Moment of folding crane is 45 ton.m, The folding crane can be rotated at 360 degree. 


(1) Adopt Cummins or Yuchai turbocharger diesel engine with strong power, energy-saving and environmental friendly, which can satisfy high efficiency operation requirements.(2) The layout of cooling radiator system is at right side, hydraulic motor controlling with hydraulic fan and hydraulic oil fan. This can ensure the heat balance of whole machine.  


(1) Adopt Zhongnan transmission hydraulic gear box, CVT, big joint working condition traction, Reliable double variables system.(2) Neutral start-up device is installed on transmission controlling valve, this makes start-up of whole machine more safer.   Driving Axle (1) Front axle adopts heavy duty forklift driving axle, spiral bevel gear and Wheel rim planetary gear deceleration and increasing torsion. It is big load capacity and long life span. Six heavy duty caliper disc brake, postpositional gas storage can, reliable brake and safe operation. (2) Rear axle adopt horizontal hydraulic cylinder type power steering structure, tight steering structure and this can reduce the steering resistance and damage of tyres, can improve the ride during the drive.   

Hydraulic system

(1) Full Hydraulic load sensor steering system, small rear axle turning radius and more flexible steering. (2) Adopt double pump interflow working hydraulic system and it can lower oil and energy consumption. (3)Two sets of independent hydraulic system support two different working devices , shift valve control can separate the flow or combine the flow, trigger can stretch out and draw back for free and it can be adapted to different working conditions. (4) One handle can realize three sets working movement of forklift due to the pilot control, it can reduce hydraulic controlling pipe and can enlarge the space of cab. (5) Rotating part of folding crane is controlled by double rotary motor, which makes the rotation more smooth and improve the brake efficiency of motor. (6) Hydraulic system install the oil-return radiator and back press protection device to ensure heat balance of whole machine. 


(1)Forklift Attachments are installed at front mask, folding crane is installed at the back of vehicle, folding crane is used for hanging the cargos and it has folding and telescopic function, which is convenient for travelling. (2)Adopt Integrated frame ,five out-triggers are arranged at the front and rear of whole vehicle frame to ensure balance of whole machine. (3)Falling of mask adopt speed limit valve and press selection valve to reduce the compact of hydraulic system, it can decline the mask from top to the group when the engine flameout. (4) Inner and outside mask adopt rolling wheel match, movement wheel force saving structure and the mask has long life and high reliability. (5) Cab is arranged at left side, the top height of crane after folding is not higher than mask forklift. It can lower the overall height of the vehicle, more stable and better traffic performance.  (6)High type, low type, standard mask, various attachments can be customized according to customer’s requirements.  

Fork Carrier

(1) Adopt quick-changing cargo loader, more shortcut. (2)hydraulic distance-adjust cargo fork and it is convenient for adjustment.   (3)Cascade high strengthened fork, higher strength, more durable and higher life span. 


Choose the bulk type depth heavy duty forklift tyre, rear steering axle can swing around the centre and has perfect traction and traffic performance. 

8. Cab  

(1) Adopt adjustable steering, aviation seat, more comfortable, automatic operation and flexible.  (2)Adopt domestic high quality electronic components, maintenance-free battery, the wire adopts burning-resistance material, more durable. The optional parts include:  fan, radio, cold and heat A/C, reversing displaying, Weighing machine.  (3) Be with folding crane remote controller and wireless reception module. Folding Crane “Rotation, Folding, lifting, Expansion and Contracting”  are controlled by remote wireless technology. The Driver can operate it at any position on the crane forklift. It is safe and reliable. 

Dimension  Overall Lengthmm7600
  Overall widthmm2250
         Overall heightmm3188
   Standard lifting heightmm3000
  Load Centremm600
  Wheel Basemm3250
  Front wheel Treadmm1677
  Rear Wheel Treadmm2013
 Weight Parameter Weightkg22000
  Rated Weightkg12000
 Driving Parameter Rated Power/Rotational SpeedkW/RPM110/2200
    Max. driving speed(Full loading / empty loadingkm/h23/26
 Outside Min. Turing radiusmm6500
  Mask Ground Clearancemm225
  Out-trigger Ground Clearancemm320
  Wheel quantity Front/Rear/4/2
  Front wheel Tyre specifications/10.00-20-18PR
  Rear wheel Tyre specifications/10.00-20-18PR
  Gradeablity (With Load/without load)%15
  Max. Hook Traction under full loadkN70
 Lifting operation parameter Rated lifting Load(Crane)kg12000
  Max. Rated lifting torqueKg.m4500
  Out-trigger distance Horizontal out-triggermm1580
   Vertical out-triggermm4320
  Crane Length Basic Cranemm5550
   Longest Cranemm14830
  Max. Lifting height  Basic boommm7000
   Max. Full length Cranemm15500
          Boom frame min./max. Upward angle  (°)10/59
  Mask Front/Rear tilt angle(°)6/12
 Working speed Max .Swinging  speed (unloaded/loaded)r/min1/1
  Max. Lifting speed (loaded/unloaded)mm/s250/260
  Max decline speed (loaded/unloaded)mm/s400/250
  Angle time lift upward(unloaded/loaded)s40/50
  lift downward(unloaded/loaded)s40/50
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