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HNTR40 Rotate telehandler

 HNTR40 is a multi-purpose rough terrain forklift. It is creative rotate telehandler that is suitable for construction site and some industry area. HNTR40 adopts diesel engine, hydrostatic transmission, pilot control, 4WD  full wheels driving, rear wheel steering with out trigger, hydraulic stabilizer for boom placing, stretching and withdrawing, lifting  height 15m, rated load capacity 4tons, 360 degree rotate chassis, Max horizontal reach 10500mm(front end of front wheel to load center).It can be used as telescopic forklift loader, crane loader or working platform  

Main application:

Channel application: hoisting and lagging jack.  Aerial work platform with Arch manipulator, Arch manipulator can grab the arch firmly,  the stretching and withdrawing of the telehandler boom can realize the horizontal and height adjustment, at the same time, the swinging hydraulic cylinder of the arch manipulator can realize the accurate position of the workpiece Construction site:  unloading and short-distance transportation of construction material. Place the construction material directly to the working site, or handle the material to truck crane, tower crane, handling all kinds of material at the working site or clearing the working site. Use the aerial work platform for aerial installation, use glass suckers to install glass curtain wallPort, Industrial company: load and unload the pallet cargo to container, unload stack and short-distance transport for all kinds of container cargo Agricultural and animal husbandry:transport of straw bundle and forage feed, clear the rubbish Municipal and fire-fighting: use aerial work platform for municipal operation, fire-fighting and emergency action   

Products description  

1,HNTR40 is a multi-purposed telescopic forklift with rough terrain ability. It is with three section boom with 360 degree rotate chassis, the max. Lifting height is 15m, max. Load capacity is 4000kg, max. Horizontal reach is 10500mm 

2,Equipped with Dongfeng Cummins turbo-charged engine with common rail fuel system, the machine is powerful, energy-saving and environment-friendly. It can meet the high-efficient operation requirement

3,The power system is equipped with air-air intercooler, which reduces the inlet temperature of the engine, improve the volume of air inlet, increases the power of the engine  

4,Equipped with hydro-static transmission, the machine is with good self-adaptability and operation ability. All of the hydraulic pump, main valve, hydraulic motor, rotary motor, central rotary joint,Hydraulic cylinder, pilot control valve adopts well-known brand.  

5,Adopts full hydraulic load sensing steering system, the turning radius of rear axle is small, the steering of portable and flexible.  

6,Hydraulic system is equipped with oil-return radiator and back pressure protection device, which guarantee the heat-balance for the machine   

7,Adopts hydraulic balance valve control, which limit the speed of boom extension and withdrawing,preventing risk of  heavy cargo out of control when descending, front & rear out trigger adopts hydraulic lock control, guarantee the out trigger can be locked reliably, preventing the failure of out trigger during the heavy load operation, or the risk of falling during traveling  

8, Diesel engine is placed on the lower chassis, the slewing platform can rotate 360 degree. The oil tube, electrical wire, and gas tube was connected through central swivel joint which realize the seamless connection up and down  

 9,Use front wheel drive,rigid suspension, rear axle steering structure. Front spiral bevel gear and wheel rim planet reduce the speed and increase torque and the load capacity, prolong the lifespan.The rear axle adopts transversal hydraulic steering structure, the structure of steering axle is compact, with steering angle of 40°, which reduce the steering resistance and the wearing of tires,increases the traveling smoothness   

10, Adopts L-shape swing platform, heavy slewing bearing with features of high support capacity, and resists the impact of outside intense impact.  

11,Adopts long wheel base, box-type chassis, which provide good  rigidity and strength, and guarantee the high reliability of the chassis of telehandler  

12,The operation device is 3-section box-type working boom, the telescopic boom use large section, high intense box-type structure, which meet the heavy load requirement 

13, Adopts cascade high intense fork, which is more strong, more durable in prolong the lifespan  

14, Adopts four clamp-disc brake, with rear gas storage tank, 18 times brake air pressure augmentation ratio, which features with better radiation, more reliable and safe brake 

15, Adopts sectional deep heavy duty forklift tires, the rear axle can swing around the center, which features with good traction performance and passage capacity 

16, Adopts adjustable steering wheel, aero seat, pilot control & distribution valve and working device oil tube, which features with portable and flexible control, more comfortable seating

 17, Adopts domestic high quality electrical components, maintenance-free battery, electric wire adoptsAnti flame retardant material, which features with high working reliability and durability, the cab equipped with fan, radio, warm & cooling A/C, reversing buzzer.  

18,The multi-purposed LCD monitor supervise the working condition in all aspects including turning speed, oil pressure, oil temperature,water temperature, water level Etc.  

19,The whole machine appearance is exquitsite, graceful and smooth, the luxurious wide view cab is equipped with sunroof, which features with low noise, good sealing and convenient for all around observation for the driver  

20,The standard truck is equipped with fork, aerial working platform and arch manipulator, which is widely used in tunnel, port, construction site, industrial company, agricultural and animal husbandry, municipal fire-fighting for the work of load and unloading, stacking, short-distance transmutation and aerial working  

Performance Technical data  
              Basic parameterMax. Lifting height (with out trigger)15m 
Rated load capacity (lifting)4000kg
Max. Horizontal reach10.5m
Rated load @ Max. Horizontal reach (with out trigger)800kg
Load center500mm
Operating weight (unloaded with fork)16500 kg
Max. Travailing speed (km/hour)  25 km/h
Swinging speed  3 rpm(1500rpm)
 Transmission system  Transmission type  Hydraulic static transmission
Hydraulic (high speed  / low speed)2 / 2
Transmission gears 2F/2R
Traction force80kN   
System capacityHydraulic oil tank capacity300L
Fuel tank capacity200L
EngineModelDF Cummins  QSB3.9-C125-30
Rated power  93kW/2200rpm
Torque480 Nm / 1350r/min
Fuel typeDiesel
Emission standard  National Ⅲ
Air inlet coolingAir-air intercooler
 Hydraulic systemPressure  28 MPa
flow  300 L/min
 Steering systemSteering gear typeload sensing full hydraulic steering  
Pressure16 MPa
                               Rear axle steering typeTransverse hydraulic cylinder steering structure
Steering angle40°
              Brake typeService brakeClamp-disc brake  
Brake air pressure0.684-0.785 MPa
Parking brake  Air push drum brake
             Main dimensionOverall height  3300mm
Overall width  2570mm
Overall length(with fork)7330mm
Wheel base2800mm
Front wheel tread  2030mm
Rear wheel tread  2030mm
Ground clearance  (out trigger)350mm
Turning radius (out side)≥4800mm
 Operating positionCentral 
 Seating typeCar type 
 Aerial working platformLength*width*height  1200×800×970mm
Out trigger typeHydraulic out trigger No.2F/2R
Working boom  Telescopic working boom3-setion
Fork  Length*width*thickness1000×122×50mm
Max. Distance between two forks  710mm
Front/Rear tilt degree  12°/ 120°
Standard tire(inflatable)  (Front/Rear) Wheel Number   2/2
(Front/Rear) driving wheel Number2/0
(Front/Rear) tire dimension  45×16-20 (36PR)
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