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1, adopt Xinchai turbocharging diesel engine, strong power, energy conservation, environmental protection, satisfies the requirement of high efficiency operation.
2. the transmission, hydraulic pump, main valve, rotary motor, hydraulic cylinder, joystick control valve all adopt domestic famous brands
3, full hydraulic load sensing steering system, small turning radius, flexible steering, hydraulic system equipped with oil radiator and back pressure protection device, ensure the machine heat balance.
4, use heavy excavators drive axle, four-wheel drive, spiral bevel gear and wheel planetary wheel deceleration increasing twist, big load capacity, long service life.
5, use four-wheel drum brake, the rear air tank, 18 times braking pressure strength ratio, safer and more reliable working
6. double oil cylinder vibration absorber control, optional to match with dozer blade and out trigger, remain in a stable condition during working and walking
7, cooperate with hercynian institute of Chinese Academy of Sciences "overall structure optimization scheme", verifies the stiffness and strength calculation, fatigue life forecast on the excavator, comprehensive finite element mechanics analysis, structure design optimization, ensure the security of the products use 
7.1, workinge arm and bucket rod adopt large cross section box structure, high strength, to meet requirements of the heavy work
7.2, beams on both sides of the slewing platform use D word structure, can resist the external strong shock
7.3, standard with bucket, and can be fitted with hammer, wood grab, screw drill, etc. according to customer requirements. 
8, with massive deepen heavy tire, front steering axle can swing around the center, have good traction performance and passing performance.
9, matched with adjustable direction, airline seats, joystick control distributing valve and working device, flexible and convenient manipulation  
10, using domestic high quality electrical components, maintenance-free battery, the wire resistance of flame retardant materials, reliable and durable. Cabin matched wiht fan, radios, air conditioner, and multifunction electronic monitor
11, the whole machine is beautiful and smooth. Luxury wide view cabin, low noise, good sealing
12, domestication parts, standardization, cost-effective, parts commonality good easy procurement, daily maintenance is simple and quick.
13, widely used for digging and short distance transportation in construction, municipal engineering, urban and rural landscape, road traffic, dock, irrigation and water conservancy, etc.

Item  Model    HNE889w
Working Range  Boom length   mm 3500
Arm length   mm 1900
Max. digging distance  mm 6250
Max. digging depth  mm 3800
Max. digging height  mm 6500
Max. dumping height  mm 4800
Min. swing radius  mm 2300
Rear tail wing radius  mm 1940
Max. ground digging distance  mm 6300
Performance  Operating weight  kg 8200
Engine rated power  kw YC4D85Z-T20  60
Bucket capacity  0.4
Hydraulic system working pressure  MPa 26
Swing speed  r/min 11.5
Traveling speed  km/h 32
Bucket digging force KN 55
Arm diggng force  KN *
Max. gradeability  % 36
Ground pressure  KPa 49
Hydraulic oil tank L 160
Fuel tank  L 160
Overall dimension  Overall length  mm 6230
Overall width  mm 2130
Overall height  mm 2910
Min. ground clearance  mm 290
Wheel base   mm 2450
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