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In 2020,let us gather the fireflies into a torch to light up the future

In the end of the year 2019 and at the beginning of the year 2020, let us review the time node to pursue our dream in 2019, we keep running. 

 ☆Jan.29,2019, SOCMA 360 degree rotated telehandler gain the national invention patent, Patent No.:ZL2016 1 0764236.1   

☆Feb.20,2019, SOCMA HNBZ8512 telescopic furnance tending vehicle gain the prize of Top10 of Quanzhou Intelligent Manufacturing .


 ☆Feb.26,2019, SOCMA & Fujian Special Equipment Inspection Institute signature ceremony was grandly held. The two parties agree to develop strategic cooperation at the aspect of product testing, product standard, inspecting and testing technology, technology R&D and achievement promotion. 

 ☆ March 25, 2019, SOCMA was listed to The Fujian Province 3rd batch list  of technology medium and small enterprise in 2019 

☆March 26, 2019, The company leader Guo Junyang explain the company core value should include the love and righteousness, team working, to be a person with love and righteousness, besides the original core value of Customer oriented, Staff foremost Only in this way, we can build up an Irresistible team.   

 ☆On April 28, 2019, SOCMA was ratified as 5th batch “Technical Experts Workstation”, bases on its innovation system and innovation ability after the evaluation by the leading group of Quanzhou Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China.  

☆On May 13, 2019, SOCMA new production plant base in Xizhuang, was ratified as a key strategic project of Emerging Industries in 2019 by Fujian province government. With the first phase investment of RMB 150 million, the new plant expect to put into production in the second half of 2019.  

  ☆On June 5, 2019, SOCMA "HNTR4015 Rotary Telescopic Forklift" was rated as Technological Innovation project of key industries in Quanzhou, and SOCMA products are export to many countries in Europe and Africa.  

 ☆On June 18, 2019, the signing ceremony of "R&D and Industrialization of Pure Electric Driving Engineering Machinery" between SOCMA and Huaqiao University was held in FUZHOU Strait Convention and Exhibition Center. The future strategy of SOCMA is to focus on the research and development of new energy construction machinery, such as Electric wheel excavator, Electric Crawler Excavator, Electric Wheel Loader, Hybrid Wheel Loader, Electric Heavy Forklift Truck, Electric mobile Port Equipment, and strive to become the top brand of new energy construction machinery. 


☆On August 1st, 2019, SOCMA is approved by China Quality Accredited Center in the annual audit of GB/ t19001-2016 quality management system certification.

September 4-7, 2019, The 15th China Beijing International Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines and Mining Machines Exhibition & Seminar(BICES 2019) was Successfully held in BeijingSOCMA brought electric lithium 8 ton wheel excavator,electric lithium 8 ton crawler excavator,electric lithium 1.6 ton wheel loader,Extended Range Electric wheel loader,electric lithium 25 ton forklift joined BICES, the 8 ton wheel excavator was rated as "Star Product" by the conference. In Beijing, SOCMA signed a cooperation agreement with CATL.    

 ☆On September 6, 2019, Quanzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau announced that SOCMA was included in the list of "Quality Industrial Leading Enterprises" in Quanzhou in 2019     

  ☆From September to October 2019, SOCMA relocated to the “Xizhuang Production Base” on October 31 and put it into operation immediately. “The first phase of the factory covers an area of 60 acres. The investment of 150 million yuan is mainly used for the construction of 18,500 square meters steel structure workshop, six floors of 4,050 square meters of living facilities, and the production lines of heavy duty forklifts, telescopic forklifts&electric engineering machinery products.  

☆ On November 18, 2019, company leader Mr. Guo explained the company's development strategy direction at a management meeting: "On the basis of continuously strengthening and solidifying the solid leader of China's domestic heavy-duty forklift pioneer, we will continue to focus on the R&D of electric engineering machinery. To seize the high ground of technology, maintain the leading position, and become the first brand of electric engineering machinery in China. "    The company's long-term strategy is how to become an industry leader. The company's minimum program is to survive. As long as we embrace the theme of "customer-centric", we can survive.  


☆ From Nov. 23rd to 25th, 2019, the Academic Forum of Fluid Transmission and Control Branch of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society was held in Xiamen. The conference was hosted by Huaqiao University and Zhejiang University State Key Laboratory of Fluid Power and Electromechanical Systems and co-organized by SOCMA.    Academician Yang Huayong, President Xu Xipeng, Professor Wang Changjiang, Professor Jiang Jihai, Professor Xu Bing, Professor Lin Tianliang and more than 30 national academic and industrial experts visited the "Huaqiao University and SOCMA New Energy Engineering Machinery Laboratory" to discuss the latest research results in basic research and common technology of electric drives, energy-efficient components and systems at home and abroad. 

 ☆ From Nov. 27th to 28th, 2019, entrusted by the State Administration of Market Supervision, three experts from the China Special Equipment Inspection Research Institute, performed appraisal and evaluation of special equipment (forklift) production licenses for SOCMA.  

 ☆Dec.9,2019,the party working committee of Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Area, secretary Wu Hanzong, management committee Liu Zhiping lead more than 60 peoples of DongYuan town, Luoyang town, Zhangban town, Baiqi country to SOCMA for the training and checking of the Provincial key technical renovation project.The district leaders have given great affirmation and high hopes to SOCMA, encourage SOCMA to become the "engine" to promote industrial upgrading.   


☆From December 23 to 27, 2019, SOCMA HNF-135 heavy duty diesel forklift and HNF-180 heavy duty forklift successfully completed product modelling test. 

 ☆In 2019, SOCMA upgraded the painting appearance design of big forklifts, telescopic handlers and excavators, and successively launched series of products such as "sky blue, power of light".     

☆In December 2019, driven by innovation, SOCMA launched a batch of customized new products, including miniature 3 ton telescopic forklift, 5 ton off road forklift and 15 ton railway pillow changing excavator, which further expanded the product family.   

 ☆In 2019, SOCMA participate in the "2019 strait project achievements fair", "training class for medium and grass-roots management skills improvement", "enterprise organization goal management seminar", "military-civilian integration industry development seminar", "enterprise operation legal risk seminar" and other activities.Through the training of middle, high and grassroots talents, the promotion of enterprise management.   

☆In 2019, SOCMA strengthened its business ability, marketing ability and order grabbing ability, increased the expansion and operation of domestic and foreign markets, and exchanged nearly 100 visits with customers from southeast Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States, and reached a number of cooperation frameworks and agreements.At this time, we would like to extend our warmest regards and greetings to our colleagues who are still struggling overseas.    

 In 2020, our original intention remains unchanged. Let us gather the fireflies into a torch to light up the future and forge ahead.SOCMA wish all the family happiness in 2020!