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Leaders of Quanzhou City Conduct A Survey of SOCMA

On Oct.23,2018, Deputy mayor of  Lv Gang of Quanzhou together with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, 

Minicipal main project office, leaders of Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone conduct a survey of the main project of Quanzhou.

They visited the building site of SOCMA  Zhuangxi Production Plant.

The company leader Guo Junfeng introduce the development, the planning of the new plant of SOCMA.
SOCMA  Zhuangxi Production Plant locates on Quanzhou Taiwanese Investment Zone.
The plant accupy an area of 40,000 square meter, and the building square meter of 35,000.
The total investment is 150 millions. 
The preparatory work was done in the year of 2017 and the building work began on May,2018.
The building plan includes Adminstration building, Technology center, Steel-structure workshop, Testing site,
Staff accomodation building, and other living facility 

Now the structure 6-floors staff accomodation building is finished.  
The concrete base and the concrete column of 18,000 square meter steel structure workshop has be finished.
The next step is to finish the steel structure workshop construction, plant enclosure wall, power cable, water, 
Fire fighting,  Landscape engineering facility building. 
The company plan to move to the new plant on May,2019 
SOCMA will build a production capacity of 300 units heavy duty port equipment, 3000 units construction machinery.
It is also the middle-stage development target of SOCMA  

The deputy mayor, Lv Gang express great affirmation and expectation to the 
development direction, products creation, project phased work results.
He encourages  SOCMA to carry forward  the spirit of Struggle oriented, 
try to be teh exclusive bloc of Quanzhou equipment manufacturing industry.