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The Speech of SOCMA Leader in Year-end Dinner Party

Firstly,We would like to express my gratitude to our customer, we have customers representatives from this province . 

Secondly, We would also like to express our gratitude to our friends out of the province, 

thank you for participating our annual meeting especially traveling far way in such a busy time of the year end.

 I would also like to express my gratitude to our employees for their hardworking within this year. 

 Let me bend for all of you. 

These years, there are less and less companies that hold the year-end dinner party(a culture of southern Fujian province, 

it is called annual meeting in northern china). Our company keep this party since the time when we have only some employees until now.

Because we think that we should inherit this tradition that all of the company members together with partners and customers having the year-end dinner together. What is more important that the customer just like the human being, needs the ceremony feeling.  

Ceremony feeling has its organizational behavior importance. 

This importance is a invisible hand for company management, 

It will affect the team working and company culture imperceptibly.

Until now, our products have been exported to all of the countries in the world except the western European countries, America, Japan and Korea. 

 Several days ago, my son asked me, Daddy, why not export to the high-grade countries.

 I laughed and asked him how do do you think of high-grade company?  But his question inspired some of my thought. 

That is at present most of Chinese machinery  products can not enter into the western mainstream market,

 we just survive by our price and by our high cost effectiveness. 

We have to admit that there is still a large gap of the performance and reliability of our products between the western products,  

 of which need to be covered by decades.

 We also need to admit that we shall strengthen our weak point to catch up the top domestic players of the industry. 

 It is our aim to bridge the gap in future years.  

Customer-centric,oriented for the striver, We have explored a way which is different from our competitors by customization.

 All of our work is oriented by customer demand,we can only lead our R & D work moderately, but we can not do the R & D work blindnessly. 

 Although we do not consider that the technology is but the customer demand as first factor,

 our annual R & D expenditure takes 10% of our annual sales. We take the experience of our competitors, 

we can not survive and develop by only a few model of the products,  

we need to develop new design and  new products  to prepare for future demand, for the purpose to meet the changing customer demand.

We are oriented for the striver. Human resource is our great fortune, not the land, the factory and the equipment. 

Any employee has their advantage, all we need to arrange them to the right position, use their advantage, 

enlarge their advantage but not the weak point.  We have founded the fund for the strivers in the year 2017, 

and we will also foundthe incentive fund for the management in the year 2018. 

 We dedicate to provide the high quality products to our customer.

Our sales  increased 49% in 2017 comparing with 2016. However, what we gain the most is not the orders, but the consciousness of managing, and we understand the words  that devil hides behind the details. Our team has gained the preliminary Professionalism, the mental attitude of our members are more positive. We have built up the preliminary management frame, and gradually improve the procedure and regulations of our company. The company gradually transforms to the preliminary enterprise embryo in my dream.Our pattern and cognition will determine the height and breadth of the company.

We can not predict 2018. Although we are full of confidence.  

However, the reality is bony.  In many cases, we gets the opposite of what we hope.  

We can not predict whether it will be better tomorrow. But it does not matter, 

because we are a company that come through the darkest days of the economic recession, 

we have strong spirit to resist the harsh reality.  2018, we will fully implement the ERP project, introduce the internal financial control system, 

implement the lean production concept, lay a solid foundation for human resource management, 

keep the awareness to the market and the customers, be as careful as  treading on thin ice, 

be conscientious and do our best, be positive and hard-working.

Thank you!

Guo Junyang