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The era of innovation and change - the 2015 China forklift Conference was held in Shanghai

The 2015 China forklift Conferencewas hosted by Shanghai MHE Industry Consulting Co.,Ltdin Regal Shanghai East Asia Hotel on September 29, 2015, this General Assembly use "era of innovation and change" as its theme, the conference effectively promote China exchange of industrial vehicles and logistics equipment industry, sharing industry achievements, enhance friendship and promote interaction with industry.

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To attend the conference,The most persons are senior who are engaged in forklift trucks and logistics equipment industr. More than 100 enterprises from across the country nearly two hundreds of people attended the meeting. Including associations OEMs, parts suppliers, lessors, agents, mainstream media, financial leasing companies. The conference also invited the president of the federation after the truck market ,Yi-MingZhao, general manager of Zhong Ding Dong in the waves venture director, senior automotive after market research experts, investment partner Wei-Hua Zhu, Haiou chain Supply Chain Management Co. Chief Operations Officer and other experts in their respective fields Shi Hong Liu for participants to share the latest industry developments. China Construction Machinery Industry Association, Branch Secretary Zhang Jie industrial vehicles, although not present at the meeting, but the commission Haiou chain COO ShihongLiu took the speech, and wish the conference has a complete success.

Firstly, Chinese forklift after market Federation President Yi Ming Zhao had said at the meeting, Chinese forklift industry overcapacity, the forklift industry has entered a stage of a major reshuffle, the post-layout where the truck market is the trend, and Chinese forklift after market Federation will help people to understand the after market deeply, will be discussed, analyzed the development of standards, including those maintenance standards, including the after market standard, service aftermarket.

Federation of China forklift aftermarket, the president Yi MingZhao

This is an era of accelerating change, innovation, is the way of company life; innovation,is interaction and characteristics of the times; innovation, is to cultivate the firm-specific competitive era of responsibility. Reference "Ten Three Five" concept, we also need forklift industry "green, innovative, win-win, sharing, coordination and development."