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Engineering machinery industry losses this year almost a foregone conclusion transformation is imminent

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang's trip just endedin South Korea,, the two leaders said it would promote the early entry into force of the FTA between China and Korea, and many companies have begun to look forward to dividend policy agreements may bring.

Earlier, Prime Minister Li Keqiang has said that China is willing to be a complete industrial system, building and construction equipment manufacturing integration ability, good cost performance advantages and Korea-Japan high-end technology, with the development needs of neighboring countries relative access, focusing on infrastructure construction, engineering machinery, building materials, electricity and other international production cooperation and create a new brand tripartite cooperation, giving new momentum for their own development and regional economic growth and global economic recovery.

Construction machinery industry said that if it can cooperate with Korea and Japan high-end technology, it is conducive to China's construction machinery industry out of the "winter."

Engineering machinery industry as a whole in the first half loss
Data show that the first half of this year 18 construction machinery and engineering machinery parts and components listed company focused on operating income 50.009 billion yuan, 70.744 billion yuan fell 29.31 percent year on year in the first half of 2014; net profit of 18 listed companies in the first half of the overall loss of 5.9 billion, compared with 3.96 billion yuan in the first half 2014 profit fell 114.89%. There are 9 at a loss, the industry is extremely weak state.
Since 2012, this 18 listed companies the ability to earn declining, from a single quarter, 2013, the fourth quarter of 2014 was a loss, but a loss in the first quarter this year, second-quarter earnings only slightly, see up 2015 construction machinery industry-wide loss has become a foregone conclusion.
Over the past few years, the prosperity of construction machinery demand in addition to the market itself, installment, mortgage sales, financial leasing and other financial leverage magnified the purchasing power of the consumer side, but in fact these sales model does not fully realize the transfer of ownership of goods, an increase of essence stock enterprises and society, and in the enterprise reporting is to increase inventory and accounts receivable.
2011 Handler and Hengli fuel tank after its listing, construction machinery industry for nearly four years, no new listed company, and originally planned Hong Kong-listed Sany XCMG and also failed to do so, corporate refinancing opportunities is also very small. Under the investment in fixed assets, accounts receivable, inventory and other pressure, companies face greater pressure on cash flow in the first half of this year net cash flow from operating activities 18 A shares of construction machinery enterprises -43.88 billion yuan, of which, Zoomlion one to occupy -41.08 billion. Net cash flow from financing companies are showing a downward trend.
"Economies of scale industrial enterprises reflected in the scale increases, the cost per unit of output is reduced. When the decline in the size, cost reductions tend to lag behind the rate of decline in revenues. Construction Machinery downlink period also showed a significant rise in the proportion of the cost of features , financial costs rose the most obvious of which, obviously, the financial environment for construction machinery declined not only in financing capacity, while reflected in the rise in financing costs. "Some analysts in the case of the" Securities Daily "told reporters.

Upgrade imminent
As we all know, economic globalization and the information society make the market increasingly competitive, customer demand is becoming more diverse. The typical construction machinery industry in the face of domestic challenge the brutal competition in the international market situation and new technologies, new processes required to obtain the survival and development, must be listed with the fastest speed, best quality, lowest cost, best The service, to meet the more convenient, more high-end, more efficient, lower-cost product demand of different customers.
In this situation, many companies and industry professionals recognize that intelligence is a trend of construction machinery development, especially after the decline in the industry, improve product seems to be the pursuit of the highest intelligence enterprise product development. So far, various engineering machinery enterprises have the intelligence put into production practice, whereby construction machinery products have a new opportunity for development.
With this year's May 19, "China 2025," the release, the construction machinery industry has entered a period of adjustment, "the adjustment of product structure there are two directions, one to adjust the depth, and the other is the width adjustment depth adjustment is usually done by extending to the core areas of development or after-market parts and services increased by adjusting the business model, Liugong, three first-class companies have chosen into the core components, while Trinity also launched 'Industry 4.0' exploration. " the analyst said.
"China's construction machinery enterprises really want to form a competitive commodity and the market, still need improvement, especially to vigorously strengthen development capabilities critical core components, China manufacturing high-end products needed for the production of parts and rely on imports , domestic production of low-end products is still limited demand for high-end intelligent equipment, to a certain extent, delayed the development of intelligent manufacturing. China's equipment manufacturing industry to achieve intelligent manufacturing and product intelligence, there is a long way to go. And this process, it is the only way for China's construction machinery industry to new developments and now if the trilateral cooperation to help improve China's construction machinery industry, the technological level, and expand sales channels, conducive to enhancing the industry. "The construction machinery industry source said.