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China manufactured under 2025 air wave, how to seize the opportunity of intelligent manufacturing industry chain?

Intelligent Manufacturing unstoppable trend, China has a huge market manufacturing base, and intelligent will further distillation of the entire market, the market potential is limitless, so Chinese companies want to seize the opportunity of smart manufacturing, and understand the industry chain to close important.

October 29 to 30 official visit to China, German Chancellor Angela Merkel; November 23 World Robot Assembly will be held in China for the first time; in addition, the robot industry "ThirteenFive" plan is expected to be completed by the end of October ...... event-driven superposition the policy is expected, intelligent manufacturing theme is expected to heat up again, leading growth segments of the transformation and intelligent manufacturing leading sound worthy of investor attention.

Event-driven policy expectations +
October 29 to 30, German Chancellor Angela Merkel official visit to China. German Ambassador in an interview with reporters, said, "Innovation" will be the key issues of German Chancellor Angela Merkel to visit China again. This year is the "Sino-German cooperation in innovation" around "innovation" theme, "Made in China 2025" and the German "Industry 4.0" butt work steadily.
It is worth noting that in June this year, Vice Minister of the Ministry of WeimingMaohas said, the robot industry "Thirteen Five" plan will be completed by the end of October this year. WeimingMao said the Ministry of Industry in 2015 will focus on robotics industry to carry out three tasks, one is to develop robot industry "Thirteen Five" plan to guide the development of the industry; second is to actively fight for policies that support robot development, application; the third is in the key manufacturing areas to promote robotics applications. According to this timetable, heavy policies in this field or the robot industry is also expected to officially landed in front of the General Assembly robot.

Industry 4.0 Industry and Finance Strategy expert LuoBaihui point out, event-driven superposition policy is expected, re-focus on the theme of Intelligent Manufacturing, in the "Made in China 2025" the wave, a huge outlet intelligent manufacturing will bring huge investment opportunities.

Intelligent manufacturing development into the fast lane
In recent years, the world's industrial robots and other intelligent manufacturing industries in a steady growth trend, the market is expanding. Our intelligent manufacturing industry as a strong development momentum, the market scale of industrial robot systems integrated closely related fields of progressive development, the future huge market space, will effectively assist downstream applications in the automotive industry, represented by automation, intelligent upgrade development, increase productivity, reduce manufacturing costs.
LuoHui pointed out that the development of smart manufacturing will help to improve production efficiency and product value, ease the problem of labor costs in manufacturing increasingly high prices, and further enhance their market competitiveness, but will also have the chain of the industry a positive stimulus. As became clear industrial policy, intelligent manufacturing industry will enter a stage of rapid development, and some businesses ahead of the layout will undoubtedly greatly benefit the industry chain comprising high-end CNC machine tools, industrial robots, sensing things together, automation (digitization) Factories, personalized manufacture new formats, among intelligent robotics, automation equipment direction it is worth the wait.

Intelligent manufacturing chain machine
It is foreseeable that the trend will continue and intelligent approach, China's manufacturing industry need to recognize the situation, intelligent manufacturing, combined with their own actual situation, local conditions to develop a path in line with their intelligent manufacturing.
An aging population, rising labor costs, production efficiency is the internal driving force for intelligent manufacturing automation and information to enhance the manufacturing level, it is an important development direction of the country's manufacturing industry, and to be strongly supported the policy from all angles; also superimposed imports Alternate direction, intelligent manufacturing segments will become one of the most growth coming.

Intelligent manufacturing techniques including automation, information technology, Internet and intelligent four levels, the industrial chain covering intelligent equipment (robots, CNC machine tools, service robots, other automation equipment), industrial Internet (machine vision, sensors, RFID, Industrial Ethernet) Industrial software (ERP / MES / DCS, etc.), 3D printing, and the combination of the above-mentioned aspects of automation systems integration and production line integration.

Industrial robots: according to IFR (International Federation of Robotics) data, sales of industrial robots in 2008 from 7,879 stations in 2014 jumped to 56,000 units, achieved the exponential growth, in 2014 the sales volume growth rate of about 53 percent, compared with 2013 has doubled. Our share of the current market demand for industrial robots is also located first in the world, accounting for more than 20% of global demand. By 2020, the domestic industrial robot population will reach 60 million units, the domestic robot market size will more than 40 billion yuan. Taking into account the export factor, domestic sales are expected to be born billions of Robotics.

Internet industry: Industrial Internet is the intelligent factory nerves. Through a variety of information gathering and sensing technology, will produce the information into digital signals by wireless transmission, bus or industrial Ethernet technology will signal to the computer system or show it to production staff, after data analysis and processing, the implementation of more accurate and more efficient industrial production operation.

Industrial Software: domestic industrial software ERP penetration is relatively high, while the MES / DCS and other production processes control software penetration is still quite low. According to statistics, China in 2015, market demand for the software industry will be more than 100 billion yuan, but in this market, still the dominant foreign software companies, large domestic manufacturers of domestic alternative space.

3D printing: The next 3D printing industry will maintain rapid growth in 2018 revenue exceeded total global 3D printing $ 10 billion. Domestic 3D printing is still in its infancy, huge space for development in the future.