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Small digger in power increased proportion of European and American brands

Golden September and Silver October for this year's construction machinery market,are basically impossible things. From September the latestexcavators data, negative growth is still the main tone. According to the China Construction Machinery Business survey, in September, the national 29 major excavator manufacturer (including XCMG) total excavator sales 3197 units, compared to 4562 unitson September in 2014,fell 29.92%.

Among them, the small digger fell 24.26 percent, 31.98 percent year on year decline in middle digger, large digger fell 43.14%. In September of this year, the biennial exhibition BICES grand opening, facing deserted market, whether exhibitors or exhibition abroad are more of a rational and calm, and a variety of new products, new technology began "ground connection", the real customer demand-driven. 21-sun, a senior analyst believes, Ebb Tide, so the benigndevelopment trend, will gradually lead the construction machinery industry return to the healthy and stable development path up.